PORTUGUESE SALT and other foods.

One of our first Portuguese culinary joys was the salt. Our first housesit host welcomed us with a gorgeous home cooked meal of salmon steaks, broccoli, light salad, and wild rice. The meal was delicious and he is an excellent cook… and he and his wife introduced us to Portuguese Salts. Right away we lovedContinue reading “PORTUGUESE SALT and other foods.”


We are taking care of ourselves.  But no panic around here that we are aware of.  People go about life. And lots of hand washing. ! ZUMBA:   This gal, Stela, spelled with one L, works here at Pontalaia where Donny and I are staying. (She’s one of the reasons we like it here so much!) Continue reading “WINDY DAY… ZUMBA…HAND SANITIZER”


Praia do Telheiro Google Maps. I’m getting better a screen shots etc. but still learning. Donny looks around on Google Satellite and finds cool places to explore. Just about 8 kilometers from Sagres is another super gorgeous beach location. There are so many places like this with nice access but off the regular roads. WeContinue reading “EXPLORING THE BEAUTIFUL BEACHES and MEETING FELLOW TRAVELERS”

I’M SORRY, I DON’T SPEAK PORTUGUESE…. but I’m getting better!!

It is much better to say, “I don’t speak Portuguese”, than… “Do you speak English?” We have found that many many many people DO speak English and are happy to do so. But we let them decide. Our vocabularies are definitely growing. Donny’s is quite good at remembering words. I learn them, but forget them.Continue reading “I’M SORRY, I DON’T SPEAK PORTUGUESE…. but I’m getting better!!”


We follow one site in particular that is a group forum and it is just loaded with great, inter-active, up-to-date information. Americans & FriendsPT on Facebook. There is a wonderful moderator and the quality of information is really high. There are also “Files” so you can search for almost anything that may have been addressedContinue reading “SUPER HELPFUL SITES”


As most of you know, we joined TrustedHousesitters which is an International Organization that matches property and pet owners with house/pet sitters. It is $100 to join for a year and you can search by country. And dates. And the choices are enormous. And fun. For us it wasn’t overwhelming because we only searched inContinue reading “TRUSTED HOUSE SITTERS”