PHOTO OF A CORK BICYCLE. I didn’t know what image to post and so this ended up being my choice. It’s beautiful

Everything is changing so fast. Yesterday Donny and I made the decision to fly back to the United States. As of now, we are booked to fly out tomorrow, Tuesday March 17, from Lisbon to Boston with touchdown in the Azores. We won’t get off the plane in the Azores.

If all goes well, we will be on that plane for about 10 hours, which is a lot longer than we would ever wish for Stella but right now that is our best option.

We don’t know what to expect at Logan Airport but again, hoping for the best. Expecting the unexpected.

After Boston, we are scheduled to fly to Fort Myers the next day, Wednesday March 18, where we have a great place to stay for as long as needed. Surrounded by friends and family.

Life in Portugal remains calm and organized but they, too, are experiencing great uncertainty and things change constantly. Yesterday the beaches were all officially closed, most restaurants are now closed or take/out only. The grocery stores are open and well-stocked. They allow 10 people at a time into the store. People who don’t need to be here, are leaving.

So we are packing up today, driving to Lisbon tomorrow morning, and poised to head out.

I will post here again over the next days.


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