Exceptionally charming and superb little restaurant in Sagres called Mum’s.
Italian owners who have worked in the restaurant business all over the world, now live in Sagres.
The place settings all different wine box covers.


One of the gals who works the front desk at Pontalaia where we stay mentioned that her friends had opened their restaurant for the season and that we should stop by. And because last night was our 9th Anniversary.. we did.

Simply phenomenal. These industry professionals have brought all of their love and warmth to this small spot and words can’t do the experience justice. Our waiter was simply the best: gorgeous Italian accent and all. And twenty years as a sommelier all over the world. He spoiled us.

The food is all locally sourced and organic. Janet had grilled octopus on some kind of amazing barley. The octopus is caught every day by a local fisherman on the beach here. Donny had pumpkin raviolis. Everything was confident, relaxed, and just divine.

We stayed for five hours. Leaving at midnight.

There were a few other people there, which right now is allowed. A couple from Sweden, a couple from Gibraltar…

I did feel as if we were in a movie.


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