PORTUGUESE SALT and other foods.

Portuguese salt is exceptional. Flor De Sal or Fleur de Sel is divine. This one has basil in it. Flower of Salt means that it was harvested from evaporated sea water. It’s a beautiful process described in the link below.

One of our first Portuguese culinary joys was the salt. Our first housesit host welcomed us with a gorgeous home cooked meal of salmon steaks, broccoli, light salad, and wild rice. The meal was delicious and he is an excellent cook… and he and his wife introduced us to Portuguese Salts. Right away we loved the jars, the presentation, the history, the flavors … the whole thing. I promise to bring some back with me.

Photo of can of tuna fish, because the canned tuna here is SOOOO good.. BOM is so far our favorite brand. For Sardines as well. Tuna is called ATUM. This can says Atum em Posta which is our basic chunk tuna fish. This is in water, “ao natural”. I also love the version in olive oil, “azeite” and there is one with olive oil and oregano. Insanely good.
Vegetables! We do a lot of our own cooking and shop often. Working out of a small fridge which is absolutely fine. I took all these vegetables: carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, cabbage, and broccoli …. and made a soup. Very Portuguese. You blend the whole thing up. Also, as a side note, onions here are incredibly flavorful…sweet and crunchy and tasty… I’ve heard others say this as well. Tomatoes are firmer (at least at this time of year?) paler, and very tasty.

Bom apetite.


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