You can’t buy hand sanitizer anywhere so Donny made his own.  Alcohol and lemongrass aloe.

We are taking care of ourselves.  But no panic around here that we are aware of.  People go about life. And lots of hand washing. !

ZUMBA:   This gal, Stela, spelled with one L, works here at Pontalaia where Donny and I are staying. (She’s one of the reasons we like it here so much!)   She is from Brazil and has lived in Sagres for 15 years.  The other day she invited me to a Zumba class here in little Sagres.  Of course I went… turns out she is the instructor.  Never in my life have I attended such a class of VIBRANT music, FABULOUS energy, all ages and body types.  Stela could seriously dance on the world stage…she’s incredible.  And she’s a great teacher.  What a fun fun thing.  I keep going back. 52024148_2451216634906468_7715697477822709760_n

WINDY!!   It’s very windy here in Sagres the past few days.  Sunny and the windy.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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