About 8 kilometers from Sagres we drove to Pria do Telheiro.

Praia do Telheiro Google Maps. I’m getting better a screen shots etc. but still learning. Donny looks around on Google Satellite and finds cool places to explore.

Just about 8 kilometers from Sagres is another super gorgeous beach location. There are so many places like this with nice access but off the regular roads. We met some young guys from Germany putting on their wetsuits and getting into the surf. We also met an English couple about our age who bought a house about a half an hour north of the beach area. They are still working in England but come here a lot. You never know who you might encounter standing on a cliff looking at the ocean!!

Donny and Stella on a rock overlooking the ocean. Yes, Stella is smiling. I saw her go and sit next to Donny and lean against his back and I’m so glad I got this shot.
Janet and Stella on the cliffs over the sandy beach. There is a semi-challenging path down to the beach but the surfers dash down it in their bare feet carrying their surfboards. We were slower!! But Stella hiked the whole thing.
Cliffs, water, sand, wind…. it’s essential to us.
Again… so glad I got this shot. Surfer and his footprints headed into the water. We will go back here often and hang out. Bringing a picnic next time.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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