As most of you know, we joined TrustedHousesitters which is an International Organization that matches property and pet owners with house/pet sitters.

It is $100 to join for a year and you can search by country. And dates. And the choices are enormous. And fun.

For us it wasn’t overwhelming because we only searched in Portugal. But the opportunities appear limitless all over the globe.

The TrustedHouseSitter site is easy to use, the concept is clear, and so far our experience has been absolutely terrific.

We have had two great house/pet sits so far, and we are scheduled for one more before we head back to the USA. Housesitting has given us the chance to connect with people who live in Portugal and experience daily life as one would. The pets are super fun to get to know as well and this has been a great fit for us. And Stella. Traveling with your own pet as we do means that certain situations aren’t always the right match, but we have enjoyed the process of discovery with all kinds of potential sits and the search itself is a great education. Many connections and great conversations.

And amazingly, the other evening, when we were in Porto at the Bar of Soap at the writer’s group, we met a super gal who is also a Trusted HouseSitter! She has been doing this for quite a while all over the world. We made another friend.

Love to all the pets. !!

Donny and super host dog doing some HouseSitting. Our first House Sit in Portugal.
Amazing places to discover.
Donny with darling house kitty making new friends. Cats love Donny. Mutual.
Janet and house host, Suki. Suki took us on lots of walks. Stella and Suki became friends, too. There were two beautiful kitties there, too. Bella and Dottie.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.


  1. My husband Ed and I are enjoying following your posts. We too are considering a move to Portugal. We are of a similar age as you two, and we are members of Trusted Housesitters. With so much in common, we find your perspective on all things Portuguese very helpful. Perhaps we share a kindred spirit.
    We wish you the very best in your endeavor and if our paths cross, we would love to discuss your adventures and opinions in more detail.
    In the meantime, we wish you safe and happy travels, and please keep posting!
    Susan & Ed


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