We are heading south to the coast to a little town called Vila Nova de Milfontes. Once again, Donny found us a great deal for an extended stay at Hotel Moina da Asneira. It will be beautiful to be back in nature and using our own kitchen again. Although…. our 5 day city experience in Porto has been absolutely fantastic, it’s time to head to the countryside. !!

Photo of the town of Vila Nova de Milfontes the village we are headed to today.
The little holiday hotel (off season now) Moinho da Asneira.

The mood of the global Coronavirus crisis is definitely on everyone’s minds here. We are now seeing signs in the elevators at our Porto Hotel urging various precautions. As I wrote earlier, all the pharmacies are out of sanitizer but we keep our hands clean. We have been using this amazing mouthwash for weeks as well that was recommended by the pharmacists. Hextril.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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