No way we can do justice to the city of Porto with photos or words. Leave it to believe that we are speechless! Today we rode the tourist bus (get on and get off any time during the day) all over the city and beyond. The Red Line is now our friend. Stella, too. For 18 Euros a person (dog free) we had a full day pass on the scenic busses.

Donny Janet and Stella on the Scenic Bus Tour all over Porto. Fantastic.
Making a stop for lunch and water and walking.
Back on the bus… This is what you see… The Douro River, the boats, the beautiful buildings…. Donny took this photo from the bus.
.. Stella and an insanely gorgeous church with the blue tile.
From the bus….. along the wharf… so many buildings in beautiful disrepair….
And a lot of rehab going on.
Janet’s lunch… just a simple cafe on the sidewalk… they brought me a clay dish with the classic codfish, potatoes, peppers, onions and broth. 7 Euros. And incredibly good. There is so much personal pride in the food here… it seems you can’t get a bad meal. I loved this dish.
Us on the bus……photo of the Douro River. photo by Donny

In our experience…. tours are EXCELLENT> Both Donny and I like to take city tours. We had such a relaxing time. Never could we have covered so much ground on our own. We were in good hands. We didn’t even listen to the headsets. We just settled in. And we got on and off the buses when we felt like it. I’m sorry we didn’t take more pictures of the wharf and the ocean because by that time our brains were FULL of images… but this was a terrific experience. All we had to do was show up!

Porto has a ton of magic and warmth.


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