Donny and I driving home from the supermarket. We pause at a little crossway to let the shepherd and his brown sheep pass. Sunny and beautiful. Donny behind the wheel of the FIAT… shepherd and sheep right next to the car. Timeless. Part of life. Hopefully forever!!!

Donny has become a big fan of our diesel turbo 5 speed FIAT. Initially he wasn’t sure about the diesel part. But we are getting terrific milage and lots of boost when he needs it. It’s solid and very good. Gas is $5.60 (US) a gallon for diesel but we are getting about 50 mpg. Plus, we aren’t ranging that far! So much to explore close by.

We are wrapping up our housesit here in Oliveira do Hospital (once the site of the hospitals for the Knights of the Templar and the monks!… repeat info, I know, but so cool). Our housesitting host returns on Tuesday, and we will head off to the City of Porto.

We absolutely love it here in this area of Portugal. Modern and ancient. Rugged and smooth. Lovely people. Connected way of life. Excellent WIFI all over the country including the country side. Terrific customer service. Emphasis on life… not materialism. Healthy, active people.

Negatives… animal rights are still behind. You see dogs on chains and barking, living on balconies, or in yards… There is huge awareness of this issue and they are working on it on local levels. It’s a process of education and from what we can tell, everyone is committed to do better. We have not seen any livestock being abused (livestock seems well cared for, even beloved) nor have we heard of abuse of farm animals… but there is still bullfighting. And surely other troubles. Another difficulty is that young people can’t make it here in the countryside so many leave the area for other countries or work in the Portuguese cities. Understandable. Hopefully the connections will remain and this way of life will continue to thrive and grow.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.


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