Donny and Stella and our housesitting dog Suki sitting on the steps of ERMIDA Do Nossa… An unexpected visit to an incredible place.
Stella and Suki exporing with us. We are in a National Park at the site of the Chapel. The view is enormous.
Small chapel in the expansive Park. Impossible to photograph. So simple and beautiful in it’s design. We were the only people there and the dogs loved poking around and looking over the edges.

Apologies for the lack of clarity on this adventure but I’m having trouble finding information on this chapel. Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Saude. We got there by accident. It looks over the entire area as far as one can see. An unplanned pilgrimage.

And later, this evening we went for a light dinner at this super charming little family restaurant very near the house where we are staying. It was our second dinner there. Photos and words don’t do it justice. No one speaks English. It’s warm and wonderful. Two ladies are cooking in a modern open kitchen. The dining area is lovely and welcoming. Everyone seems to know each other. They bring you a carafe of wine and we figure out the menu. It’s called O Dini’s .

Thank you, Portugal, for today.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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