I don’t have the words to describe today. Tony and Jeanne and their awesome dog Toby came to visit us in Oliveira do Hospital from their home which is in Manique do Intendente (which is where we first housesat for them when we arrived in Portugal a month ago.) Jeanne and Tony and Toby came from about two hours away and they got a beautiful B and B nearby us so we could explore this area together. Today we hit the Roman Ruins (and there are many) but these are literally 10 minutes away.

Besides the massively amazing things we experienced today, we learned that “do Hospital” means that this area was indeed the site of a “Hospital” . The monks and the Knights of the Templar had a hospital here. Early 700s??? ( where they tended to the sick and injured.) And that’s AFTER the Romans were here. !!! Please don’t hold me to being an historian… but today was a journey of all journeys. My mind and heart are full.

We get an unexpected , personal tour by the lead archeologist at the Roman Ruins Museum. Our American friends that we met through our fist housesit are with us. Here we are with our mouths agape as we meet living history.
The lead Archeologist takes us to his active dig . They are only 10 years into discovering this Roman Village. Occupied 6000 year ago.
The Square. They uncovered this Roman arch and put it back in place. There is a temple under my feet. They are going to uncover it next. The house behind me will be removed. The Arch is the entryway to the Coliseum.
The Museum. Bobadela Roman Ruins. Ten minutes from where we are staying in Oliveira do Hospital. This Museum is truly wonderful. Actively engaged with schools, teachers, community, tour groups… it’s ALIVE.
Photo by Donny. The Coliseum which they have just recently discovered. Active site. They are still uncovering and adding to it.
One kilometer away….The Olive Oil Museum. AZEITE is the word for Olive Oil. Olive tree, and Olives… different word. We ate at their restaurant. Another total story….. delicious.
Honoring the Olive Tree planted by the Romans.
Lovely local docents talk with us about all things Olive Oil, and more. Including the Roman Ruins next door.
AND…. the furry friendly gorgeous Olive Oil Roman Donkey on site.

The connections we experienced today were profound. From the lovely young women who greeted us at the Museum of Olive Oil (we did not know that our server at the restaurant was the Museum Founders daughter) to the docent at the Roman Museum who came out to speak to us in the courtyard near the Roman Arch… he was from South Africa… to the fully engaged young archeologist who took us to his dig sites, to the furry donkey watching over the whole thing. It was all connected.

Bobadela Ruins

Olive Oil Museum Museu do Azeite town of (Oliviera do Hospital)


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