We’ve gone from storks to seagulls. From the storks nesting on the castle walls in Manique do Intendente to Sagres with the seabirds. We loved the drive from Loule to Sagres as it got increasingly wild and open, breezy, palm trees. Sagres is a sweet town with a friendly vibe.

Our apartment for the next week or so. Great design, super comfortable. We look out over the ocean. Hello world.

Donny found us a great place to stay called PONTALAIA tourist apartments. It’s got everything we could need including a good kitchen, giant balcony. We are very happy. The breezes are amazing and the sun is sparkling. There are great walks here and we have already seen some more Pilgrims with big backpacks and walking sticks.

Yesterday, after we arrived we sat outside at a little cafe and again, met some wonderful fellow travelers. The young couple next to us had a dog and they are from Belgium. They are traveling in a camper van and also wish to move to Portugal. He was a professional soccer player in Belgium and now has a job where he can work remotely. They were absolutely delightful. Then a car pulled up with a longboard on it, this is a surfing town, and a guy in his 50s and his lady friend sat with all of us. It turns out he is from Sweden, but spends 6 months a year here in Portugal. Also making his work as portable as possible. His lady friend is from Nepal, and lives here now near Sagres. Her sister is a guide on Mount Everest!!! We hope to run into them again. Conversation is so easy here.

Donny having some soup in Sagres. To his right is the lady from Nepal whose family are all climbing guides.

Today we will find the local market which we hear is good. We love having a full kitchen and being able to prepare meals, listen to music, and get to know this part of Portugal.

Stella feeling very at home in Sagres and staking out her throne.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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