11 Da Villa Restaurant in Loule . Janet took these photos. We happened upon this place early (6:30) and got a table.
Small, intimate space… with stones on the ceiling. 11 Da Villa Loule.

We accidentally discovered this jewel of a tapas Restaurant called 11 Da Villa.

Earlier in the day Donny and I met a couple from Sweden who were sitting next to us at an outdoor cafe. Turns out they moved to Loule two years ago from Stockholm. We had an hour-long very informative and fun conversation about life in Portugal and life in general. At one point they said, “Oh, next time you visit Loule, you must go to Eleven.”

Later in the day, with no real plans, we were walking around and turned down a street and there was 11. Eleven.

We had the luck of getting a table because it was early, and an incredible feast of small dishes. 25 Euros.

We ate: grilled prawns with garlic, pork cheeks (the best!!), tiny salad, bruschetta type thing, grilled octopus, stuffed mushrooms. And as we left the place was full and live music was starting.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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