We had an interesting experience yesterday. Donny got some calls and voicemails from Europcar asking us to contact them and return our car. ?? When Donny made contact with them they said that a service issue for the car was showing up on their computers and could we please bring the car to a nearby agency. Donny told them that yes, a “check tire” light had come on and he would bring the car in. The tires looked brand new but the light was on. Since Loule is near Faro, we went there to the Faro Airport Europcar.

The car agencies are very professional. We were met by a young woman who took the car to the back to the garage and about 15 minutes later brought the car back to us. “We put four new tires on and reset the programming,” she said.

Off we went. Donny very happy, says the car handles extremely well.

We have a super nice, black, four door, manual shift Citroen and we are paying just about $10 a day… I know! We value this enormously and really appreciate the excellent service we have received so far.

Janet is listed as a driver, and I do know how to drive a stick shift, but so far I am very happy with my role as navigator. Our phones work great for this and connect with the Apple Play screen in the car.

We are getting quite good at roundabouts. !!


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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