Map of Portugal. We are in the south.

We drove east and then west in the southern Algarve. We were a little lost heading east and we kept seeing signs for Spain where we really weren’t planning on going this trip. We also couldn’t get very close to the ocean which was confusing. However… we were gifted with two amazing glimpses into rural Portuguese life.

First we saw a shepherd sitting on a large rock right next to the road with two large dogs tending a flock of sheep in the field. I did not get a photo but it was unforgettable. The grazing animals are so important and this is still a viable and important part of life.

Internet photo of Portuguese shepherd with sheep. It’s a common sight in the country. Sheep and goats along with large dogs.

A few miles later we saw a cart being pulled at a brisk pace by a large donkey. There was a man and two young teens in the cart followed by a horse. Honest transportation still in use.

Internet photo of donkey cart transportation that is still used today.

As many of you know, I’m in love with donkeys anyway.

After wandering around the eastern Algarve we headed west to Albufeira which is quite a trendy beach/ocean town with lots of restaurants, tourist activities, and skinny streets. We didn’t have enough daylight to really explore so we headed back to Loule to our hotel. We will go back tomorrow and head even further west towards Lagos and Sagres as it is very beautiful. I imagine we will find some amazing seafood along the way.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.


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