Photo of Janet Stella Donny and Jeanne Tony and Toby (Stella’s handsome boyfriend) at an outdoor restaurant in Cascais.

Our housesitting hosts from Manique, drove to Cascais to join us for lunch and a little visit. And they very kindly brought Stella’s harness which I left at their house!! It was very fun to meet them in the ultra charming downtown of Cascais and pick an outdoor restaurant together. Dog friendly and super friendly! The Portuguese locals in the restaurant business are extremely welcoming and make you feel comfortable. You can ask for help with the menu, ask suggestions, it is judgement free! “If you don’t like it,” the head waiter said, “We bring you something else.” Really great atmosphere all around.

Photo of whole grilled Sardines. DELICIOUS.

Janet had whole grilled sardines. Heaven. I have dreamed of this! I know I will be eating this many more times. Apparently June to October is when the sardines are right out of the sea but mine couldn’t have been more delicious.

You hear many languages. French so far is the one we hear most often to Portuguese. Then English (which so many people speak so well and with enthusiasm). Overall, it is all very open. Some one might say, “Pardon.” or “S’il vous plait.” or “Excuse.” Communication is very comfortable.

We did hear directly, because we asked, from one of our owner/waitstaff that tipping is ok. ! The level of service here is so excellent, thoughtful and we want to do the right thing. Like most cultural things, we will keep learning.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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