Another nice, low-key day with beautiful weather. Sunny and in the mid fifties..fahrenheit. We relaxed and enjoyed this sweet little village of Manique. We have been here for a week and the days have been wonderful. Sundays seem especially quiet as people stroll around and say “Bom Dia.” Dogs would stroll by and sniff the gate here and say “Bom Dia” as well. We’ve gotten to know quite a few of the local dogs as they are fixtures in the village.

Our housesitting hosts return tonight and we can’t wait to see their dog’s reaction. This is a super nice little dog and even though he has accepted us, he’s ready to see his parents. We can tell that he knows they are coming! Tick tock.

Internet photo of Cascais located near Lisbon. It’s a beach town. Headed there tomorrow.

Tomorrow Donny and I are going to head to Cascais. A world-famous Portuguese Beach town. After poking around on the internet Donny found that there are some great bargains there right now because it’s off season. Perfect time for us to check it out.

Photo of Google map showing our route tomorrow. Manique to Cascais. We will be heading south back towards Lisbon. We plan to stay in Cascais for about 5 days.

I’m trying to get better at maps to share. Any pointers welcome.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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