We walked back to Cafe Katy Kero today for another lunch and they recognized us as “The English”. They don’t seem to say American here. Just “English”. I think it means that English is the language you need!! We could be Canadian, English, French, German, Swiss, Dutch… but “English” sets the language goal. It’s not really about where you are from. It’s all very positive. They put us at the same little table and we asked if they had “Sopa”? Soup. “No, Sopa.” “POLVO or PORCO”. Written down that looks kind of clear but when someone says it you really don’t know what you are hearing. But we figured it out: Octopus or Pork. Those were the choices. Donny took the pork, Janet the Octopus. I’m so glad I was brave.

Photo of what my insanely delicious Octopus on rice dish looked like. Broth, rice, and octopus. Octopus cooked this way is like lobster, not exactly but I can’t think of another description. Not rubbery,not chewy. Very clean and appetizing.

The pork dish was equally perfect with rice and french fries, small salad and a fried egg. We even had tiny coffees afterwards and enjoyed a lot of kindness from our fellow diners, who stop in for the big meal at lunch time.

After that we took a rest and then headed out by car to a bigger town 20 minutes away to do some real grocery shopping. Impressive, clean, friendly, varied supermarket with everything imaginable but on a small scale.

Donny with large red pull basket heading in to do some grocery shopping.
LAY’S potato chips. !!
OK… most amazing seafood section. So fresh, nothing ever frozen. We bought some salmon and cooked it tonight. Perfection.

The available glory of fresh food here will blow your mind. Even after living in California for years, we are humbled. None of this food has traveled far, it is all local, and such a connected way of life.

Tip for the day: If you get a chance to eat a Portuguese Octopus dish… do it. !!


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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