“Do you speak the language?” people asked us before we left.

Well, it’s not just the language… This morning I decided the make some oatmeal and the fun thing is that our housesitting hosts have a pantry full of interesting stuff. The really interesting part is that I don’t know what any of it is. If it weren’t for the photos I would have no clue. Milk comes in cartons and is on the shelf, the directions for the oatmeal are not only in Portuguese but use terms like: 250 ml of water, and 40 grams of oatmeal. What? Donny is really good and knows all the conversions. How many milliliters in a quart… how many kilometers in a mile… how many lightyears it will take me to remember this! I’m carefully google translating especially with the ingredients.

Oatmeal which is measured in grams. Milk and cream does not come refrigerated until you open it.

Meanwhile Donny has located the little grocery store where he bought some chicken and he is now friends with the owner. She loved it when Donny made the chicken sound to let her know what he wanted. He’s been there twice and considers himself a regular.

Today was a stay-at-the-house-day in the rain and very cozy. We figured out how to do a load of laundry in the terrifically efficient Samsung washer and then dried our clothes on a rack in front of the fabulous pellet burner stove.

Tomorrow we are going to go to a super mercado. Super market.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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