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Manique do Intendente

Totally fresh vegetables from the little market in town. Broccoli with the leaves still on, garlic, lettuces, fresh olives from a bin, fava beans, carrots, cucumber, zucchini, bananas. And our Portuguese phrase book!!! Oh, and the onions are amazing! Cooked a lot of this and put it on pasta. Also bought some grapes. And at a little bakery we bought a small, round, warm loaf of bread.

We walked to the market place today where on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays the farmer brings a truck of fruits and vegetables. All local. There are no signs that this is a market… just a stone wall and some tables with the produce and very friendly people.

Then we went and found some lunch. We wandered around town a bit but we found Cafe Kate Kero with excellent food. We had no idea how to communicate but we were directed to a sweet little table and they just brought us food. !!! First they set down local olives in a small dish and some fresh bread. Then they brought Giant plates of an amazing pork dish with rich, flavorful broth, carrots,onions, cabbage, rice on the side. It was exceptional. I think the meal also came with a small carafe of red wine, desert, and a small coffee but we said, “Obrigada, no.” We were so full and we did not want to waste the wine and dessert. The bill for both of us was $14 and you DO NOT tip here. It’s considered rude from what we have learned. Such nice people and we will go back for sure. It’s just steps away, a few turns, down the cobblestones.

Photo of typical Portuguese cooking from the Cafe Katy Kero site. I did not want to take photos in the restaurant but this gives you an idea. All wonderful ingredients cooked to perfection.
Here’s Donny in front of the unfinished Palace/Castle in the center of town. The guy who was building it ran out of money and it stands just how it is.
It’s a great landmark if you get a bit lost. You can see it and you can hear the storks clacking and the pigeons cooing.

TOMORROW we are getting in the car for a little road trip to NAZARE…. to see the waves and also to see the town. Photos promised. It’s about a 30 minute drive to the coast.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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