When Donny and I decided to try out Portugal we explored TrustedHousesitters and joined their site and started making connections. It is an international site where homeowners can match up with house/pet sitters. And here we are! Amazing to think that this all happened over the internet, application, phone calls and here we arrive and meet our fabulous hosts and their darling pets. I can’t say enough about our lovely hosts who cooked us the most outstandingly delicious meal, showed us how their house works, shared their amazing experiences and insights, acquainted with the pets and took a morning walk. Their home is a jewel and such a fine example of living in Portugal.

We are now looking forward to being in this gem of a town for a week and feeling like “locals.” Hardly! But the welcome is warm and genuine all around. We embrace all that we don’t know and keep learning. There is a market for fresh food, a small grocery store, a few restaurants, bakery, postoffice… Also, the smart, sporty, host dog here loves to walk and he is going to show us around. He and Stella are already friends.

And right smack in the middle of the village is the Palacio De Manique do Intendente which has a great history and stands as a most spectacular and functional ruin. And YES, the storks are nesting in the spires and YES the bell rings and there are remaining parts of the Castle/Palace that are still serviceable to the locals. I will try to get some stork photos but there is no way I can do justice to these sights and sounds and the magic it brings.

Photo from the internet of two storks in a large stick nest on the old castle wall. There are many nests. And the storks make a wonderful clacking noise.
We feel welcome for sure. Courtyard with plants. Wooden window shutters, tile, stone, and terra cotta colors. Harmony.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.


  1. Try to pick up some information on the Portugal route of the Camino de Santiago. It’s a coastal walk from Porto or Lisbon, to the Compostelo de Santiago in Spain.
    I’m in training now. 🎒👟🚶🏻

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