Good Morning Portugal: “Bom Dia”

Photo of our first night bed and breakfast, the lovely Casa do Alfaro. White with burt orange trim. Huge beautiful wooden doors. The interior is open, warm and very inviting. A lot of care was put into this remodeled 10 room hotel in the country.

Waking up at Casa do Alfaro which Donny located and booked on the internet and here we are. It it so glorious and lives up to all the reviews. We are the only guests and are welcomed by most charming staff and owners. Last night was a full moon and so quiet I could hear the cow bells at midnight from the farm next door. Spectacular breakfast this morning with amazingly good coffee, warm breads, fresh eggs… So many cozy places to sit and relax. Such a perfect place. Beautiful sunny, chilly morning.

Casa do Alfaro cozy sofas, fireplace… we are coming back for sure.

Yesterday was a big day when we landed in Lisbon and got a “perfect”, from the Veterinary office at the airport. They scanned Stella’s microchip and then compared it to all the paperwork I had with me. Thank you to my vet and her team in California who really took their time getting everything right for us. The Lisbon agencies gave us a hand stamped and signed certificate for Stella which we had to show exiting customs and then we will need to show as we exit the country. “And please show it to anyone who may ask,” the Vet at the airport told us.

Donny did an brilliant job in advance organizing the car which we picked up also at the airport. $800 for 80 days. Including all fees. EUROCAR. As the guy was doing our paperwork he looked at Stella and said, “Will the dog be traveling in the car with you.” And Donny said, “Yes, but she won’t be driving.”

Everyone is very competent, friendly, and calm. Very high level of customer service in a genuine and kind way.

We have a 4 door Citroen, stick shift. Donny drove it like a champ out of Lisbon. Our phones were navigating well. There are lots of roundabouts in the city and … guess what? They have traffic lights in them! Be prepared. To stop!! We had to have a few roundabout repeats but we got it.

Everyone so far seems to speak very good English. And they enjoy doing so.

We are getting comfortable saying “Obrigada” “Obrigado” Thank you.

“Pour Favor” Please

“Cao” is dog. I thought it was “Cacharro” but here it is “Cao.”

Bread is “Pao.”

“Cafe and Cha” ( pronounced Sha ) coffee and tea

“Franco” Chicken

I keep thinking of how much I DON’T know but then again, I know more that I did.

Obrigada for following along. Bom Dia to each of you.

We are off to meet our first house sit in Santarem (about 30 minutes from here) and to start a week of house/pet sitting in a little town called Manique do Intendente.

More on Housesitting …. later.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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