Stella looks directly into the camera. Fully Alive. Present.

We travel well together. We enjoy the process. It makes us feel alive, connected, open. Stella is an excellent road-tripper and she is a great flyer.

Traveling with a dog is fun and you meet people. It also slows the pace. We plan our flights around Stella’s comfort as well as ours.

Stella has flown domestically many times. We keep the flight times as short as possible and we fly at night.

Stella flies in the cabin with us. She is in her special bag and she goes under the seat in front of us. Stella weighs 14 lbs. It costs between $75 and $175 for her to fly in the cabin, under the seat with us. That’s one way. We always try to fly overnight so she goes right to sleep. Sometimes we give her a Pet Edible, and we also have small dog tranquilizers from the vet. But since she thinks it’s night time she is very willing to go to sleep anyway.

I always travel with dog food, bottled water, and baggies in my purse. You never know if you will get separated from you luggage, or get delayed, or re-routed.


We will fly from San Francisco to Boston (5.5 hours) spend two nights in Boston, and then fly from Boston to Lisbon (6 hours) With a short stop in the Azores.

Photo of page 1 of paperwork process. Veterinary certificate to the EU.

Yes, we do lots of advance research, education and planning for traveling internationally with a dog. Yes, Stella needed a series of vet visits, and a health certificate stamped by the Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services. Nearest one to us is Sacramento. You must follow specific instructions and timing. Traveling to Portugal with a pet has its own rules as well. One of which is that we call the Portuguese Department of Agriculture 48 hours before we arrive and tell them that we are coming and bringing a dog. They will want to see the dog at the airport and all her paperwork. I will report on how we do when we get there and if we did it properly.


Travel with Humans and further adventures.

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